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Pointorama is more than just a point cloud platform. It is a catalyst for innovation, efficiency and collaboration. Take your point cloud projects to new heights with our cutting-edge technology. It’s time to move your point clouds to the next level.

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Time-saving precision

Edit point clouds quickly and efficiently by removing noise, correcting inaccuracies, and enhancing data quality. Detect issues early, minimize rework with automated object recognition, and streamline workflows.

Collaborate anytime, anywhere

Pointorama facilitates seamless communication between the office and worksite, allowing colleagues to collaborate on the same data set, ensuring alignment and up-to-date information, whether on a laptop or mobile device.

Cost-effective solution

With Pointorama, you benefit from a cost-effective solution. Everything is securely stored in the cloud, eliminating storage, network and maintenance expenses. As your business grows, you can easily scale up. Plus, you can get started quickly, ensuring that you save both time and money.

How it works

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How does a Point Cloud Plaform work? Pointorama

Scan & upload

Use scanning technology to quickly gather detailed measurements of landscapes, buildings, and environments. Software turns measurements into detailed point clouds. Upload your point cloud into Pointorama and save time, so you can focus on analyzing the data instead of collecting it.

How does a Point Cloud Plaform work? Pointorama

Clean & classify

When you’re surveying or mapping, good data is key. Use Pointorama to clean up and prepare your data quickly for analysis. With advanced tools and AI algorithms, you remove noise, outliers, and unwanted reflections from your point cloud files fast. This cleanup not only makes your data better but also saves you time and cuts down on mistakes.

How does a Point Cloud Plaform work? Pointorama

Measure & interpret

Pointorama simplifies the process of accurate measurements, allowing them to easily and accurately take measurements and interpret results. With Pointorama, you can quickly group objects and highlight important features. It empowers users to streamline their workflows, ultimately facilitating more precise and reliable outcomes.

How does a Point Cloud Plaform work? Pointorama

Share & export

Pointorama makes it easy to pass data between surveying and mapping stages. After you’ve collected, cleaned, and processed the data, simply move it to the next step effortlessly. Whether you’re exporting for analysis, making reports, or sharing insights, the software ensures a smooth transition. This helps projects move forward smoothly and efficiently.

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