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Point cloud management in 4 easy steps

How does a Point Cloud Plaform work? Pointorama

Scan & upload

How does a Point Cloud Plaform work? Pointorama

Clean up & classify

How does a Point Cloud Plaform work? Pointorama

Measure & interpret

How does a Point Cloud Plaform work? Pointorama

Share & export

Power Grid in Point Cloud - Pointorama

Scan & upload your point cloud

Advancements in scanning technology have revolutionized measurement collection for surveyors and mapping professionals, replacing manual methods with rapid point cloud generation. By utilizing sophisticated scanning equipment, users can swiftly gather precise measurements of landscapes, structures, and environments.

Once data is acquired, registration software seamlessly processes raw scans into detailed point clouds, saving time and enhancing productivity. Additionally, the point cloud software’s advanced algorithms automate object recognition, facilitating streamlined workflows and empowering users to manipulate data with ease and precision.

Pointorama - Point Cloud Platform - Select objects

Clean up & get results

Good data is essential when surveying or mapping. Pointorama helps you clean and prepare your data swiftly for analysis, using advanced tools and AI algorithms to remove noise, outliers, and unwanted reflections from your point cloud files. This cleanup not only enhances your data quality but also saves time and reduces errors. Additionally, Pointorama simplifies accurate measurements and interpretation of results, enabling easy grouping of objects and highlighting of important features for precise and efficient work. With Pointorama, you can thoroughly understand your site and empower your team to collaborate confidently.

“Using Pointorama has been a game-changer for us. Transforming our point clouds from cluttered to clean is now a breeze. In just a few minutes, we achieve precision and efficiency like never before.”

Simplify your workflow: Pointorama’s features


  • Recognize objects with AI-powered tools
  • Structure your point cloud data in layers
  • Use filters to keep only the data that matters
  • Automatic and manual classification


  • Work together on projects for efficient teamwork
  • Share your point clouds with an unlimited number of guests
  • Provide and receive comments and reviews to streamline communication


  • Highlight points of interest
  • Measure distances and areas
  • Add and customize annotations


  • Setup data filters
  • Calculate volumes of stockpiles and excavations in one click
  • Create and compare length profiles

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