Revolutionizing stockpile surveys

Traditionally, measuring stockpile volumes and profiles involved GPS instruments and risky manual labour. But in the last years drones have entered the field and took it by storm as a real gamechanger!

No more risking lives or wasting time climbing stockpiles. While manual GPS measurements provide limited positions, drones or UAS produce highly detailed point clouds. Normally, you’d convert this to a model, then calculate volumes and profiles.

Not with Pointorama. All calculations are done on the source point cloud directly. Keep reading to discover why this makes all the difference!


In surveys of complex environents, point clouds excel at capturing every detail. However, when you convert them into a model, you sacrifice precision and may encounter artifacts like gaps and non-smooth surfaces.

Pointorama bypasses this quality issue. By directly utilizing all point cloud data for calculations, we ensure optimal precision without compromising on detail. Plus, it will save you energy and storage space!


Cleaning and filtering your point cloud is a crucial step to remove undesired elements. In a typical workflow it is followed by the conversion of the point cloud into a model. But often, reviews will identify errors or omissions in the editing step.  This triggers an iteration of time-consuming recalculations of the model.

You won’t see any of that in Pointorama because edit and filter actions in the point cloud directly impact calculations. Smartly applying filters during point cloud calculations is only one mouse-click away.

It’s truly that simple.

Fun to use

Pointorama is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. The absence of a model avoids an extra layer of complexity.

In Pointorama you can set up your point cloud filter in a few clicks. With the smart drawing tools you can create a polygon boundary for a volume calculations in seconds. As well, draw any polyline to guide your profile direction.

That is all it takes to achieve accurate results in seconds.

Getting interested?

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